About Us

About Us

How it All Started

At Juicy Karma we provide spiritual healing and cleansing services to help you with all aspects of life, including love, work and prosperity. Discover what we can do for you, emotionally, mentally and spiritually!

While we primarily cater to women’s needs  we also take care of men who are interested in their spiritual health. We provide services to help everyone their daily lives, with mental and spiritual health. Our services include but are not limited to: Tarot readings, spell work, crystals, and holistic items available for purchase.

The owner of Juicy Karma has always gravitated to being a spiritual healer. In High School, she joined a spiritual group where she began learning about the elements of the earth and spiritual health. Since that point, she's been developing her intuition and throughout her life has often predicted events in her personal life and the lives of those she knows that have come true. In early 2000 she decided to pursue her childhood passion to become a Spiritist. She started doing tarot readings and spiritual work for her friends and family to hone her skills and connection to the spiritual world. In 2018 she started her journey in Wudu, Wika, Paganism and is currently pursuing Santeria. 

 She has since been helping many people with their spiritual needs, love, cleansing and prosperity work. Through her dreams and ability to communicate to spirits, she has been led and inspired to create Juicy Karma, a brand and business for everyone to experience what she can do for your life.

Shopping With Juicy Karma

Our Products

We believe quality should never be compromised. No matter what products you're looking for, we guarantee and feel confident that your purchase is of the highest caliber. Our diverse line of Spiritual clothing accessories, spiritual gifts and jewelry will support whatever journey of healing you are on. Juicy Karma's goal is to make sure we support you every step of the way. If there is an issue, our customer service staff are ready to help you over email or a phone call as we value your business!

While shopping with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. If you have questions about us, our products, or even shipping, get in touch! We hope you continue to shop with us for many years to come.