image Nani

This would be my third time ordering a service with Juicy. The positivity that has come into my life thanks to her is amazing and I cannot thank her enough. So glad to have put my faith into you.

image Chaparra

Love it!! The best botanica!!

image Liz Reyes

Karen has a beautiful heart. She listens when I call the store anytime and I am seeing results from candle services I have ordered and continue to order. I truly believe that Juicy Karma is a wonderful establishment and I highly encourage you to shop ... Read more

image Tianna Mendez

I placed an order on her love magnet spray on a fri 03/25 and received item on sat 03/26. That was so fast . And let me tel you the smell is amazing my husband loves the smell . I should wear this to work to block out the drama Lml. But yeah customer ... Read more

image Yannie Falcon

I love juicy she’s such an amazing person, she’s very warm hearted, charismatic, an amazing soul, but let me tell you about the spiritual baths, they smelll soooo good. The uncrossing is life to me, the protection is floral but very smoothing, I know ... Read more

image Xochitl Esmeralda

You are amazing my faith on your brujta candle magic, you’ve always helped my needs super grateful and what I like about you you are honest and tell it like it is not what I want to hear!!! Please cover my name , lol …. you are my fave and blessings ... Read more

image kathie bach

The moment I walked into the store I felt such an amazing aura. The owner is sweet & so much fun to talk to u, will always make you laugh and you can just feel the good energy. The candles are on point . I am now back to my normal self.

image Joyce

I love everything from juicy karma on point with everything . Beautiful store

image Christina

I must say that Karen has been extremely helpful in so many ways! Please trust and believe!!!

image christina saninocencio

I just wanna say it was a pleasure meeting with you ever since you did the candle for me it's started going great! You are truly blessed with your gift I am definitely coming back to you keep doing what you're doing mama. I will be in touch 🙏🏽🙏🏽� ... Read more